Rufus & Coco is proudly Australian

Rufus & Coco

Founded in 2008 by animal lover Anneke van den Broek, Rufus & Coco is proudly Australian, and on a mission to create a different kind of pet brand. Everything we do is built around the promise of providing Well Bred Petcare so that pets around the world look good and feel even better. From natural shampoos and litter to furrific accessories, we aim to help ensure pets get the best possible care while making life a whole lot easier for pet parents too.

The Home of Stylish Cat Products


CAT EVOLUTION The Home of Stylish Cat Products for feline families, enhancing enjoyment and interactions, without compromising on lifestyle. Exclusive distributors of Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air, ContempoCat Towers, and Premium Clumping Cat Litter. Cat Owners loving urban living and the great joys of pet ownership. All products are purrsonally tested and used in our home.

Cat photography by Lynda Du Vallier


Cat photography by Lynda Du Vallier. Awarded cat photographer with over 15-years’ experience. Award winning Entrepreneur. Lynda is the ‘cat queen’! She has been breeding and showing cats with her husband for over 10 years, Various packages available Lynda will ensure to capture your cat’s personality and create beautiful memories for you. All high resolution and beautifully edited photos. Available to travel or you can bring kitty into her studio in Capalaba Brisbane.

Raw Meow makes Raw Feeding Simple

Raw Meow

At Raw Meow, we believe feeding your pet a species appropriate diet is the best way to keep them happy and healthy. We are here for pet owners who are ready to start raw feeding and we offer multiple solutions to make this simple, while providing the best nutrition possible. Our Raw Meow Mix was created to make raw feeding a breeze, and together with our Raw Woof Mix, our Frozen Meals, Freeze Dried Meals and amazing healthy Treats, we are here to help you start your raw feeding journey. It is all about achieving the best solution for you so that your pets can lead a happy and healthy life. It does not matter whether you are an experienced raw feeder or a time poor beginner, Raw Meow has the options for you. We are there for you as you take the first steps to a better diet for your pet. Our support and education networks will help answer your questions, show you step by step instructions, and ensure the move to a fully raw fed diet is as smooth as possible. Raw Meow makes Raw Feeding your Cats Simple.

Hand-made rosettes, ribbons and awards

Rosettes and Ribbons by Di

From personal experience as an Exhibitor, Breeder and Show Official I can say that when you have worked hard for a show and finally win that award, you want it to stand out. I decided to create unique rosettes, ribbons and awards with my own special style and flair. I make awards for shows in Australia and overseas, including specialty Judges Choice rosettes that have been presented in the USA, China, Korea, France, and South Africa. I have supplied rosettes and ribbons for shows held by the following organisations: CATS NSW, The Russian Cat Council of Australia Inc., Siamese Cat Society, Highlands Cat Club, Birman Cat Club of Australia, Maclean Show Society, Feline Association of South Australia, Cool Country Cat Club, Royal Thai Cat Club, New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc. and the Queensland Feline Association. Every rosette, ribbon and award are hand-made to your personal selection of colours and designs and sent to you as near as is practicable to your show date.

Reduce pet anxiety and stress


The Pet Calmer is part of a new awareness of pets environmental need to live free from anxiety, reduce behavioural stress and provide ideal sonic environments to help anxious pets restore their emotional balance and physical wellbeing. Providing cats with ideal sonic environments using specially modified music for cats hearing has proven a profound method to influence positive calm behaviour in felines. Known as Pet Tunes for Felines, the music is science based, specially composed and digitally contoured to reshape a cats listening environment. Alerted animal behaviour is triggered by high and low frequencies. Pet Tunes music diverts these alerts to restore a calming environment for cats to relax. The Pet Calmer is striving to help cat owners reduce their pets anxiety and behavioural stress with innovative products. As pet parents, addressing the hearing sensitivity and acoustic environments of animals is an important part of their care. And that is what The Pet Calmer and Pet Tunes specie-specific music is all about.

A first-class boarding cattery in Brisbane

Capalaba Cat Cottage

‘’A palace fit for little Kings & Queens’’ A first-class boarding cattery in Capalaba Brisbane. Owners Michael Auld & Lynda Du Vallier have been in the animal industry for 50 combined years! Cat breeders, showers of cats and cat fanatics! Michael has been a veterinarian for over 40 years and both have been breeding and showing cats for over 10 year. Not only a boarding cattery but many other wonderful services: Pussy cat Pampurrr Packages, Cat Photography by Catography (Lynda Du Vallier-Awarded cat photographer) Photos and videos uploaded daily to Facebook so you can see kitty happy whilst you travel. Competitions and fun events. Online Cat Shows, Open days, rescue kittens, many cat products for sale. Top quality food for kitties, we use Royal Canin.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Surface Cleaner


TRUEECO provide a safe, simple, and eco-friendly way of cleaning all surfaces and any accidents. We are famous for our concentrate solution which saves money and plastic waste. Cleaning has never been this easy through the use of powerful enzymes which help to break down organic waste.

Naturally Superior Performance Litter


Naturally Superior Performance. Our eco-friendly wood pellet litter is the ideal solution for pet owners seeking quality pet litter that is easy to use and super absorbent. Our product contains natural oils that inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause the ammonia smell.

Australia’s shop especially for Cat Lovers!

Get Catty!

Get Catty! is Australia’s shop especially for Cat Lovers! Get Catty! stocks a huge range of cat themed merchandise and products for cat loving people of all ages. The Get Catty! has homewares, apparel, accessories, stationery, toys, games, novelties, collectibles, giftware and much more as well as many official licensed brands including Pusheen and The Crazy Cat Lady!

Hand-Drawn Digital Pet Portraits

purrtraits by cynn

I am a big animal lover, working as a Graphic Designer and doing these pet portraits on commission in my spare time! The drawings are provided as digital copies and include your choice of colours, text, font and can be provided to you in any sizes/formats if you’re looking to print them on paper, canvas, mugs, tshirts, etc.! Portfolio of previous work available on my Instagram page. Please contact me for more info and to get an estimate on the current delivery date.



At PUSSWEEK | BY CATS, FOR CATS we strive for Feline Empowerment, to help you be the best cat you can be. Felines Beware! Your human slaves may steal your magazine for their own pleasures.

A luxury pet accessory brand for felines and pooches

Blue Boutique Sydney

Blue Boutique is a luxury pet accessory brand for felines and pooches, but inspired by our very own Russian Blue, Romeo. We hand craft a wide variety of beautiful harnesses, dog collars and our special collar lapels from our workshop in Sydney, Australia. Combining both quality and design, we know our pieces will have people stopping you asking where they too can make their furry friend as trendy as yours. As all of our items are bespoke, we will happily help to create a piece that fits your needs for your fuurend, simply contact us with your requirements.

Become a RCA supporter

Become a RCA supporter

Russian Cats Australia. Promoting the Australian Russian cat breed. We believe in ethical breeding and responsible pet ownership. If you have a product or service that would enhance the health and happiness of our breeders, cats or owners and would like to listed on our Supporters page, please contact us.
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